I don’t think they’d let Michael Jackson marry this couple

Today I have finally pulled myself from the holds of the alternate universe we call public school. Today I gladly have the day off, thanks to the freshly falling snow I woke up to this morning. That’s what we get for enjoying a few days of spring sunshine: a few days of winter. The cat is dutifully at her guard post in the front window, because what you call “snow fall” she calls “under siege.”

This weekend will be very busy for me, and I’m looking forward to it. Saturday morning I will be at Sheelah’s Dance Studio holding a two hour workshop in beginning poi dance. I have picked a song for the workshop that we’ll just say is not traditional poi (nor is it rave techno poi). I have an assortment of poi sets, and I’ve never danced in a studio as comfortable and beautiful as Sheelah’s. You can register with me or through her website (where you can pay using PayPal!)

Then later Saturday I will be in Salem. I may have mentioned that I have art on display at Cafe Noir, 610 Marion St NE. One of the people I worked with at RHS is also showing his photography, so we’ve been inviting everyone for an informal art opening, during which Sean and I will drink coffee and wine, and all of you lovely folk stop by to say hi and buy us more coffee and wine.

In seriousness though, I’m happy to be showing in this venue, and Sean is downright thrilled. This is the first time he’s shown his art in public. I believe there will also be some local musicians there, and perhaps other artists too (but Sean and I really just looked out for ourselves here). I would LOVE to see some of my Salem people, so please pass this info around.

We will have additional prints and merchandise, and 10% of both our sales will go to public schools.

I would like to share with you one reason we should be supporting schools: so that we can nurture and encourage the creativity of children. Like the 3rd graders who helped me complete a special Valentine’s Day Mad Lib.

I brought you a box of chocolate covered ladybugs. I hope you like it, if not then I’ll trade you for cupcakes filled with mayonnaise. I like that your hair always smells like B.O. and you always wear nice fuzzy shoes. If you will be my Valentine, I will take you to the most romantic place ever: the Death Star. They have rancid roses, and we can get married by Michael Jackson. I like sour stale cake with moldy frosting. Then we can pass out and dance to weird music. Will you be my Valentine? I’ll be the most lovely, stinky, and hairless Valentine ever.

It doesn’t get more sincere than that, does it?


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