A balanced, happy breakfast should be free of tiger pox.

After I made these muffins I came to the obvious conclusion that all breakfast foods should have smiles. It helps with the morning grumpiness. Could you still frown if your jelly doughnut was winking at you.

I stopped by Cafe Noir in downtown Salem this week to check on my art and have a latte. I got positive reviews from people there and from the staff, I even had a couple notes in my comment book. It’s all there for the whole month, please check it out.

I did some substitute teaching earlier this week, at an elementary school where that class knows me, it was a nice day. Naturally we did some mad libs and I wanted to share this one because it came out especially well.

My Next Vacation

When school is over, I’m going on vacation to Alaska. There’s an Olive Garden there that makes the best food ever. Slug and lion soup, roadkill burritos, and deep fried dirty diapers. I can visit my aunt Bob the Builder while I’m there. I will probably go to a sports game too. The most popular game is Fartypantsball, and you need pads to keep your dingleberries safe. Then you celebrate with turkey ice cream sundaes and Jolly Rancher flavored soda.

Honorable mention from the other libs: I won’t be in class today because I caught tiger pox from Justin Bieber.

Thanks for checking in with my blog, I really appreciate your interest and support.


1 Comment

  1. Elision said,

    February 12, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    tiger pox = brutal 🙂 love it.

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