Cupid is out. As of now the face of Valentine’s Day is the most romantic dinosaur


And now it’s time for— More tales from the classroom!

At a middle school today, I told a student that I lived in Idaho, he naturally wanted to tell me about his one trip to Idaho. He had the great privilege of going to a fair, and when he was at the top of the ferris wheel he could see something walking in from the desert. Based on his view and his avid study of dinosaurs he naturally recognized it for the velociraptor it was.

The last sighting of the elusive vel-ida-ciraptor, from Meriwether Lewis' lost diary.

Read that paragraph again and try to keep a straight face, I dare you. Credit to my acting teachers over the years.

Wait! As always, this gets better. The other kid at our table was smart enough to recognize that what the first kid saw was most likely not a real velociraptor but actually a hologram projection.

8 Valentines for 8 People You Kinda Like

I’ve made a few additions to my Etsy merchandise, just in time for a certain holiday that a lot of people dislike– but I assure you it doesn’t have to be miserable. Make it instead a day of showing people you appreciate them, and these are the non-romantic friendly and thoughtful cards you’ll never ever find in Hallmark ever ever.

Hi Hello Friends

And I tell you what, my beloved blog readers. In the spirit of sharing the love and appreciation, you are privy to a special offer. If you purchase all three of these ok-for-anybody Valentines, you receive a free 8×10 print of any painting you like. Add anything else to your purchase, and it’s 2 free 8x10s 4u.* Just send me the word BLOGSY with your order.

For now, I’m off. Middle schoolers will wear you out in a way that nothing else does. I hope you laughed at another glimpse into the warped world of education. Thanks for reading! Share it with your people!

*sorry, I couldn’t resist.


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