My art is on display at Cafe Noir! Drink up!

Skyline of Portland, "where young people go to retire."

Isn’t that a nice view? February has started out sunny. It’s beautiful to see the sun– from inside. Outside it’s so windy trash cans were rolling in our street and so cold I swore the icy face of Mt. Hood itself was sending the frigid gusts.

I’m happy to say that I am one of a handful of featured artists whose work is on display this month at Cafe Noir, in Salem downtown on Marion St. Many of the pieces I hung are framed prints which you can purchase right there, on the spot, with your glass of red.  I left a comment book there too, if you stop by please leave me a note!

I’d like to point out for my crafting and jewelry loving friends, Cafe Noir is next to a bead shop. Feed both your addictions.

Speaking of addictions, I’m thrilled to say I performed an operation on my espresso machine yesterday. I suspected the clog was terminal (it’s been plugged up for soooo loong), but I returned the patient to life. It has already returned to it’s normal duties of Make Katie A Person every morning. Cheers.

We’re still using all the other parts of the kitchen, of course. People gotta eat. I made some really great chicken and tortilla soup, I’ll make it again and hone the recipe, which might end up on your screen later. Josh bought a Shun chef’s knife- they’re formed in the same method as Samurai swords- so we’ve been eating a lot of food that requires slicing and chopping. Here is a red onion, in the form it took while falling off the knife. Pretty, right? So that’s what it’s like to have a knife so sharp it’ll cut you if you look at it wrong. I sliced a carrot so thinly the pieces were transparent! Why? Because I could!

January was a tough month for a lot of people I know. I hope your February is starting off well. I’m off for now, these Valentines aren’t going to make themselves. Thanks for reading!



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