Maybe the internet isn’t such a big place after all

Killer cuteness, right? I thought it might help you through the drudgery of Thursday, to get you ever so slightly closer to Friday. Have you seen this picture before? I’ve actually run across it several times because I am a big fat sobbing sucker for puppies and kittens, and clearly cuteness this pure has made its way around the intertubes.

Early in my career at RHS in Salem, I saw a print of this picture (without caption) next to Carol’s desk, and I smiled and told that I really love that puppy. Then she started talking about him, his name is Snoopy I think, and I finally put it together that this is actually her puppy. Carol, did you know that Snoopy is a bit of a puppy celebrity on the internet? If you do a Google Image search for puppy in a cast, he’s the first three pictures that show up!

My "Mt. Hood Collage"

In other news, I have secured spaces to display my art for February and March! I will be setting up at Cafe Noir in Salem this weekend. I have recently framed some of my prints, and that makes them each approximately 25% cooler. I am happy that I have this space to show, it’s a comfortable cafe with plenty of walls for me to spread out on.

I have also had a couple more substitute teaching gigs. Yesterday I was assigned to work one on one with a student in a special program (apparently I fit best in alternative education) in which they practice some life skills. The students come for a few hours to a house near the school, where they do school work, they plan meals then shop and cook them (followed by all the necessary cleaning), where they get help applying for jobs. I was impressed with what they do, and I was all too happy to watch him make spaghetti. I thought “Today’s a piece of cake.” And then you know what? I got a piece of cake, it was someone’s birthday.

So in the name of Snoopy and alternative education, I would like to make a shout-out to the staff members of RHS and say thanks because I’m so well prepared now for troubled youth. They told I have to keep the student in my line of sight, “Can you do that?”

Can I keep ONE student in my line of sight? Hell yeah I can. In my sleep. All the staff of RHS can sleep with their eyes open. In fact, after 2:30 pm everyone is doing exactly that. 😉


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