Calvinball is probably safer than Viciousball

A second-grader excitedly told me about a toy she got this weekend. It’s a duck, and it has a bell inside. “But the best part is—oh my gosh!— it’s wearing bunny ears!” When you read that sentence, please know that she can’t say her r‘s yet.

This is the only time I have found someone else in possession of the ultra-rare Duck-Rabbit. I paid a dollar for this one and it became Matilda’s special friend immediately. Duck-Rabbit is ever-patient with her, having come to terms with Matilda’s drinking problem and her abusive behavior (she kicks him out of their cardboard house, she bites his ear and brings him inside, lick lick lick).

As per student demand, I returned to the elementary school armed with new mad libs. As per I-think-you’ll-laugh, here’s today’s best– inspired by Calvinball.*

I think it’s worth noting that the line about Sally was a humorous coincidence of adjectives, but no. I asked for a relative and the first words were “My dead aunt Sally?”

Relating to my other “job,” I’d like to spotlight one of my Etsy listings. For my blog readers (I do love you so) I’d like to offer this framed art print of this snowflake-inspired anchor design. Message me the word BLOGSY and I will make you a one-of-a-kind greeting card worth $5 for the occasion of your choice.

Now is also the perfect time for us to talk about custom Valentine sets, which I can tailor to any budget.

*From Calvin and Hobbes, a game where the only rule is that it can never be played with the same rules twice. Scoring could be oogy to boogy, or Q to 12.


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