How do you spell Mi cat iz weerd?

Weekend is almost over, guys. You’ll be back to your cubicles soon, like Matilda’s little “buddy” is. This guy’s better off in a closed space than say, in the middle of the living room carpet (he stands to keep his tail from being bitten off if he stays hiding). You can see the evidence of danger, those needley holes around Mr. McMouse, that’s all from our favorite household hazard, Matilda.

There was an argument on the internets over if this was one or two cats. Girl Scout Honor, it's only one.

The 2×2 inch hole he’s peeping through? Matilda tried to jump out from the bag by leaping through it. Sorta. She’s not so great with spacial relations, but she’s always ready to climb through a hole without knowing if she’ll get back out. Like here, having climbed in one hole of a box to peer out another.

I had a two day substitute teaching gig this week, which is one reason this blog entry is a little late. I was completely worthless each day when I got home. With my ears still ringing from my duty during 6th grade lunch and recess, my fingers still smudged with pencil, and my pockets filled with assorted slips of paper I used to show how to spell brother, present, 4 wheel drive truck, diaper, and princess. I took a nap and then had a beer and watched the Blazers lose.

Notable moments: My group finished a pile of multiplication problems, so I let them have some free time on the computers. One kid clapped his hands and said “Aw Yeah! PBS Kids, here I come!!” He played a game where you are a germ trying to infect villains by fighting through their immune systems. I also played the game “Get a 2nd grader to do something,” and mostly I lost. The only thing they want to do is sharpen pencils. 2nd graders are the reason 5th graders have nothing to write with. Oh well, it evens out; 5th graders are the reason everyone hates tattletales.

You can call me K'ahi. Rhymes with mahi mahi. And it means, The Flame

It’s been weeks and weeks since I have lit up my poi. Luckily this weekend I had a reason to– it was my first 2-hour intermediate Poi Workshop, and it went quite well I think. It was my first chance to introduce myself with my dance name, which was also fun.

I have some new prints available for sale with all my other awesome art and craftery in my Etsy store (including a large print of the ever popular Paris Collage). I’ve scheduled an art display for February at a cafe in Salem, and I’m meeting with a shop owner this week to start showing my art there, too. This year has started off slowly for me, but I feel it ramping up.

Thanks as always for checking in with me. I’ll be back soon!


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  1. Brittany said,

    January 16, 2011 at 10:53 am

    Katie, I love reading your blog! Seriously makes me laugh every single time! Keep it up! (I think I already used up my year’s quota of exclamation points in this one comment! You’re welcome!)

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