Weekend topic: Let them, you, me, and everyone have cake!

I wish I could remember the line in Emily’s toast that we’re all reacting to. Once you stop looking at our silly faces, take a nice close look at that cake. It was even better than I expected– with different delicious cake and filling flavors for each tier. The daisies on it are made of fondant, and were so adorable.

This cake was at my best friend’s wedding, and I dare you to tell me that’s not awesome. The fondant was the perfect shade of blue for their hydrangeas.

We got both of these cakes from Myriad Cake Design in Salem. Anyone in the area with a special cake-appropriate occasion should check her out, and any cake-lovers in any area can drool over her work through her website. When you see her, tell her I say hi.

I made this one myself! No, I did not make the different colors into different flavors. There’s a level of effort even I won’t bother with. The point of all this is to say I’ve had seriously good cake, and I enjoy baking it. I’ve watched more Food Network Challenges for cake decorating than I might like to admit. I tried to put my observational learning to the test today and have created another baking masterpiece to follow my bob-omb from the cookie decorating party. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.


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