If you resolved to be Bad Ass this year, I can make it happen

Ooooh that’s right, another sweet sweet Photoshopping project. Wait, that’s not the point…

It’s a sweet sweet poster advertising my next series of dance classes. I’ve already busied myself with some lesson plans. I know you’re out there, friends– itching to try something new and fun (and it counts toward your resolution to exercise!)– this is a GREAT way to jump into Poi. The series builds upon the previous week’s lesson and uses those skills to form basic choreography.

You can now register and pay for classes using PayPal on the studio website, www.sheelah.net

For a very very special dance opportunity, please join me (K’ahi!)* at the studio on Saturday, Jan 15th for a 2 hour Poi workshop. Last month I attended the Bollywood workshop and it was a blast. It kicked my butt, too.

I am in the process of photographing and loading new merchandise to my Etsy shop.  I have just renewed listings for many art prints, I would LOVE to start mailing them out.  Please share my shop with your friends– I’ve got presents for anyone who refers a customer.

I hope you’ve all begun the new year on a good foot. Thanks again for keeping up with me and my projects.

* I have finally chosen a dance name; because “Katie” sticks out like a big Caucasian thumb next to people called “Jezebella” or “Scheherazade.” It’s Hawaiian for “the flame,” and it rhymes with “coffee.” That’s not why I chose it, but it helps.


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