Featured foods: apple cider and unidentifiable… truffles?

Doesn’t that look delicious? It totally was.

The fact is, it had to be delicious. My roommates love mulled apple cider and yesterday seemed like a good day to make some (what day isn’t?). I walked 3 laps around Fred Meyer and no apple cider! Sparkling cider, and enough apple juice to fill a pool. But no apple cider. I’ll give you a moment to ponder that.

I went shopping later with Shane at Winco… and they didn’t have apple cider. Once he really felt the same bewilderment as me, I knew we were both determined. We went to another Fred Meyer, with the same maddening result. Do people only drink apple cider in November? Because I was tripping over bottles of it at every store in November.

angry cat

Surely it can’t be THAT hard. We went to Barbur World Foods and the liquor store next to it… and this is the point where we turned from stupefied to angry.

Safeway–of all places– was the winner. It was even honeycrisp apple cider! This was all of the second time I’ve gone to Safeway since moving out of Salem, where I’d frequented the infamous 12th St. Safeway. You go in for groceries and come out with a crazy person.

If you’re one of the apparently few people who like hot cider in December, here’s what you do if/when you DO find a bottle.

Pour half a big bottle of apple cider into a big pot.
Add a cup of orange juice.
Add a cinnamon stick, a tablespoon of cloves. I got spice-happy and added cardamom (in the back of the picture) and nutmeg.
Orange or lemon slices are nice, and not just because it looks pretty.

I experimented by adding a couple handfuls of fresh cranberries, and I think it was a good addition. I squished them first–it was fun, it’s like bubble wrap but messier.

Simmer 15-20 minutes, taste often, start serving it when it’s delicious. If you over simmer and it gets too sweet, add booze.

Thank you, as always, for reading. Stay tuned for the net post, where you’ll find out what in holy heaven is going on here:


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