Gotta keep ’em separated… plays over and over in my mind

Wait, what day is it? I’ve been absent from my blog for HOW long? I’d like to go back to napping now.

This week I had a lot of work to do. I’ve been commissioned several custom orders through my friends and Etsy, so I had to get those finished promptly. When I wasn’t taping or sewing, I was being called upon to be a substitute Instructional Assistant. It’s been many moons since I left my job at Robers High School. It’s been many more moons since I’ve been in a middle school. Even MORE since elementary school. That’s where I was this week: middle school and elementary school.

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So basically I did a lot of spelling practice. Basic biology. Addition and subtraction– including carrying the tens. And spelling practice. I saw so many misspellings of so many words that when I came home and tried to write, I was downright stumped in arranging letters into words–even words they didn’t practice!

I was practicing spelling words with some young ones– between 7 and 10 I think– by giving the word and having them write sentences using the word. It worked well until one of them used “could” by writing “I could ixplode my pants.” Once those words were put together, everything was about ixploding pants.

The littlest one wanted to write on the white board before he left. He kind of smiled and said “I want to write something divisive on the board.”

“…excuse me, Kyle?”

“I want to write something divisive.” He got swept away as the bell rang, so now I’m left wondering what that meant.

I have a new poi video to share with you guys! Sheelah was kind enough to run the camera as I played around. Though I’m very familiar with the music, I have never done poi to it. Turns out it works pretty well. Watch to the end– even at my most graceful, I am actually not.

Thanks for waiting out the blog famine. Please enjoy the video and share it, pass around my Etsy shop too. There is still time for custom orders before the Holidays.


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