Did I mention how much fun you can have on Saturday in Multnomah Village?

Happy December! I don’t know where November went, but it’s gone so I guess I’ll embrace real holiday time.
I know one woman who is done with her gift shopping, and I find that ridiculous. If you’re like me and still bewildered there’s only 4 weeks till 2011, you may be just getting started.

This weekend as part of a neighborhood Holiday Gala, one of the shops in Multnomah Village is hosting a Trunk Show for the artists and craftspeople whose work she hosts for sale in her shop. This means not only can you meet the people offering handmade goods for your loved ones, but we’ll will be bringing additional merchandise.

I have a new line of Holiday Cards that will be available for the first time ever at this Trunk Show at Knack (35th and Capitol Hwy, next to Thinker Toys).

I will have art prints and cards for your other greeting card giving opportunities throughout the year, a box of $1 items, gift certificates for my online shop CaffeinatedKatie.etsy.com and things I’ll just call “wildcard.” I’ll also be taking custom orders for paper goods and gifts.

I sorted and packaged alllll the cards I’m bringing (maybe I WILL use a trunk).

I will be at Knack in the late afternoon (3-5ish). I’d love to see familiar faces, or at least some good luck thoughts. 🙂

As always, thanks for reading. If you like it, share it. If you refer a customer to my Etsy shop, you’re entitled to a surprise gift!


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