From the couch to the dining table and back again

I was very lucky last week to sit at this table at Chateau Le Pip in Ashland, Oregon. I thought it was important I share this picture with you so you can appreciate those pretty flowers on the plates. Not long after I took this picture, those flowers and leaves were hiding under scoops of potatoes and gravy and turkey.

He and I get our hair dyed at the same salon.

We observed all the important Thanksgiving traditions from the menu and over eating to the requisite lethargy. Exhibit 1: Sonny, Mimi and Tony’s supermodel of a Golden Retriever, shown here in universal nap-time pose.

Maty was there too but was too excited to ever sleep, or hold still for a picture.

Tah-Dah!! Here is my stash of awesome greeting cards that are for sale right now at Knack in Multnomah Village. I understand you may be at work or in your pajamas or something so you can’t run out right NOW to buy them, so here’s a better idea: Plan to come this Saturday, you should grab something warm to drink from Village Coffee and then walk across the street to see all the unique local art, jewelry, cards, and more  waiting for you at Knack. Saturday is a Trunk Show, so the artists will be there in person with more merchandise not for sale anywhere else. I will be there 3ish-5ish with new holiday cards, art, and other fun gifts.

Then we should go skipping through Thinker Toys and wish that we were 8 years old again. Then we should go to O’Connors and have tamale pie.*

One special piece I’ll have for sale this weekend is a hanging framed arrangement of ALL 8 of my snowflake-inspired series. Each frame has a different piece on front and back, and they hang from one another like a mobile. 8! 8 paintings!

I’d love to see familiar faces there this weekend. And wherever you are, I hope your December is starting on a good note.

*All these places are real and I speak the truth.


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