PDX isn’t just a bike town, it’s a POOFY bike town

I was just, you know, walking around downtown Portland the other day and came across this beautiful bicycle. I wanted to share it with you, to show and remind my readers how weird Portland is.

This weekend I enjoyed the Open House at Sheelah’s Belly Dance Studio. I met a lot of great women, and I got to perform a little for everyone as well. I was able to video Sheelah’s demonstration and I’d like to share with you the sort of talent I’m lucky to work with.

You can sign up for my classes by emailing me directly, by contacting me through Sheelah’s Website or TeachStreet, or just WALK IN. I’ll be there.

The only reason November exists is to hold Thanksgiving. I might have mentioned that I like to play in the kitchen. But Thanksgiving is not for playtime, it’s for putting on your chef hat and rule the kitchen. It takes practice. Here is some acorn squash I roasted. I rolled the pieces in brown sugar instead of just mixing butter and sugar and slopping it all together.

Here’s the finished product, all warm and bubbly and caramelized. I wanted to get close in for a detailed picture and then the camera fogged up. I like the picture anyway, and I consider my first time roasting squash a success.

One other thing I’d like to tell you all about is a Trunk Show at Knack in Multnomah Village, Dec 4th. This is the perfect time to come visit the shop because you can see not only the local artisan merchandise she carries, but you can meet some of the artists– who will bring special merchandise not sold anywhere else, just for you. I’m compiling a stack of amazing cards and small art prints just for the occasion.

For example, these darling cards with stamps, jewels, machine stitched accents, and loooooove.

"Reindeer Games" holiday cards

Please think of me this gift-giving season for cards, art, gifts, and custom-made whatever. I am trying to bring my total shop sales to 40 by the end of the month, and I have neeearly 1,000 views for my shop. I would appreciate your help in these goals, all I ask is that you share my shop with some of your friends.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope your Monday is going nicely. Drive safe, people are crazy out there.


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