If it’s raining outside, just stay in the kitchen.

As you can see, we’re well into Oregon November. It’s really pretty, if you are wearing a hat and scarf. Gloves are a good idea too.

I thought it appropriate to try out a new coffee roast, it’s called Puddle Jumper. The gutters over a couple of the doors here are full or deformed in a way that makes the water pour down against the door. It makes the rain extra loud, so I have a slightly skewed impression of the weather and exactly how close to hibernation I should be.

Speaking of Puddle Jumper...

I’m worried I may have given you the impression that we’re not cooking around here. There has been a pretty long absence of food on my blog, I know. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been sauteeing, simmering, and stirring. I have continued the pursuit of the perfect biscuit, Josh has been mastering the art of bread pudding. Our Food Network addiction is useful.

I made Katie’s Yummy Pumpkin Cookies. That’s what they’re titled in a cookbook I just got with recipes from the members of the church my mom works at. Stick that in your spice grinder, Sandra Lee. I can get in a cookbook too! I’d like to concoct a good glaze for them, once I get that figured out, I’ll share the recipe.

Tomorrow, Friday the 19th is the Open House event at Sheelah’s Dance Studio. I’d love to see people there– a lot of folks missed out on the Halloween Dance Party, and this is a good chance to check it all out.

The dancing for Halloween was even better than the cupcakes you see here, artfully provided by the bakery next door to the studio. You can also get in on a mini belly dance lesson and share some time with the hookah.

I have a stack of new things to list in my Etsy shop. I’ve been adding several things lately, I hope you browse a little. I made some cards with adorable reindeer on them, watch for those. I’m also accepting custom orders for cards or other gifts, and I will have a load of Holiday items at the Trunk Show happening at Knack in Multnomah Village the first week of December. I would love to see you there; and so, I will tell you about it several times.

For today, just once. I hope your week is going well, it’s almost Friday! Thanks for checking in with me.


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