Dedicated to readers who go on blog binges


I'm ready for my close-up

“Is it just me or is your cat just generally pissed off at the world? :D I’ve seen a lot of cute cat pictures in my life, and it seems like this kitty is determined not to have ANY! I think it’s cool, frankly. Makes me think she has quite the personality!”

Oh yes, she does. Here’s proof that she makes cute faces now and then. She stopped in on a little photo session I was having  with the Etsy seller ApplesLoveOranges. I was modeling these ribbon rosettes and I thought I was doing a fine job, but then Matilda came in and said “Silly person. This is how you do it.”

This question came from Brittany M. who appears to have gone on a blog binge and read half my posts just yesterday. Awesome. Yes, the jury has concluded the ambigu-bib is a house… of sorts. Yes, there really is a book called Everyone Poops, and if your nephews ever tire of it, you can follow it with The Gas We Pass.

I never really concluded the story of the Illumination Fundraiser. Good news, the lamp is as pretty inside as it is outside.

I have a link for a slideshow of pictures from the event. I brought my camera…. just not the memory card. Luckily someone was more responsible than me. Check out the photos here.

You are the first to see my latest brilliant creation. Exciting, right? I think so. If you are like me and crawl into a big sweatshirt when you’re sick, then you’ll want to check it out. If you are like me and suffer from migraines, this is dedicated to you.

I bought a nice soft sweatshirt and Frankenstein-ed it a little.* I made an additional 2-layer over-sized hood. The pink is fleece, and the top layer is cotton jersey. It’s warm, insulating, and big enough to go over your nose in case you’re sensitive to light.

There are sleeve extensions, fleece, that can double up on your forearms or extended to cover your hand. It’s about comfort, my friends.

The bottom of the sweatshirt has a 3 inch fleece extension (in case you need to curl up, to not expose your back). The best part is the pocket I put on the back of the shoulders. It’s just the right size to hold a hot or cold pack. Oh yes, I went there.

You guys get first dibs on it since I haven’t put it on Etsy yet! $75, and it includes a microwaveable hot/cold pack, scented with rose oil, lavender flowers, and sweet orange oil. If you like the concept but not this example, talk to me about a custom  sweatshirt.

Thanks for reading, guys!

*I really hope I’m the first to use Frankenstein as a verb.


1 Comment

  1. Margi said,

    October 27, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    That sweatshirt is a great idea Katie! And cute too.
    Also, We got the Poop book for Joel’s goddaughter’s birthday. It was a hit.

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