today: an art sneak peek and a special offer for my readers

It’s rather pretty, right? I JUST put away the pliers after finishing this. It’s also the freshest entry in my ETSY store. A couple of the recent listings come with a free Halloween gift, and please note that I’ll give you a sweet sweet button pin for every purchase.

My paintbrushes jumped out of their drawer this weekend and demanded that we play. Who am I to argue? I’m happy to say I’m about a third of the way through a piece I’ve had in my head for a long time.  Here is your sneak peek!

I have a very special opportunity for you all, dear readers. In preparation for the Illumination Fundraiser, I made a mini-portfolio of many of my paintings. Specifically, 20 pieces plus 3 detail photos.

Now I’d like to offer this collection for purchase. This 4×6 inch photo album holds more art than you can shake a stick at. There are some paintings never before seen on my blog, in my Etsy, or even in markets.

Idaho Travel Postcard, Alaska Travel Postcard, Hypercolor Cherry Blossoms, Konstantine, Earth Day, Roses For My Love, In Bruges, Pippel Champagne, I’m Only Happy When it Rains, The Sky is a Hazy Shade of Winter,  BaoBob Ross Trees, Migraine Painting #1, She Will She Will Rock You, Tweet Tweet My Sweet, Lakshmi, Moose and Squirrel, Wine Sign, Cafe Sign, and European Vacation.

As a show of thanks for your attention, I’m giving my blog readers first dibs! $60 is a SCREAMING deal for this much art. It’ll make a great coffee table book that you don’t have to strain your back to pick up. Nearly every picture is ready to frame (the printer service cropped a couple of them too close). I’ve never offered this many pieces as a collection.

Thanks as always for checking in on what’s going on in the strange World-o-Katie’s-Art. Please think of me when you start preparing for holiday gifts, gift cards, invitations, and thank you’s. I hope your week goes well! Happy Autumn.


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