My life is bananas… b a n a n a s

I would like to present to you a phrase that I think about every morning.



Thoughts? Have you seen this anywhere? I see it on a bumper-sticker. On a car that parks in the staff lot at the law school. Any new thoughts? The car has Alaska license plates. Thoughts?

In other news…


3x5 notecards with envelopes, stamped and machine stitched


I made a beautiful stack of these cards and very soon they will be available to the public. Not by my blog… Not by my ETSY (where I have loaded a few new items!!) Not even at a craft show. There is a brand new shop opening in Multnomah Village showcasing work from local artists and crafters, by the name of Knack.

The Grand Opening will be the evening of November 5th, during First Friday in Multnomah Village. A portion of the profits from the opening will go to the Neighborhood House, located a block or two from Knack. You can learn more about the artists she’s hosting at her website, by using the Artists and Crafters link at the top.

I have another special video to share– it is also from my performance with Trip the Dark Fantastic. Sorry about the heads in the way— we drew a crowd. It’s the first song of the set, so everyone’s really energetic. I come on after a couple minutes for my cameo.

Please enjoy my spinning, to a song by Sigur Ros, at the Doug Fir Lounge last month.

Cheers and peek-a-boo. Thanks for reading!!


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