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It’s been 2 1/2 YEARS since I had a poi performance video to share. Exceedingly overdue, I say. I’m proud to share with you now my part in the finale of Trip the Dark Fantastic’s show at the Doug Fir last Saturday. You can see that when I said we had a great time, I was not joking nor exaggerating. We had a fabulous audience (sold out!) and I give big fat Thank Yous to my friends who attended.

Now that I’ve proved I’m not blowing smoke about spinning fire,* it seems like a good time to show off my new promotional poster (if you’d like to get a postcard copy in your mailbox, let me know).

Beginning next week I have new hours for my classes at Sheelah’s studio in Tigard. For specifics here is my class schedule page, but the outline is Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday nights.  Sundays are described as an advanced workshop– but this month it’s come-one-come-all, don’t be afraid.

I know the studio isn’t central to all my potential students– do not worry! I’m happy to offer classes or workshops in other locations. Tonight I’ll be performing at a birthday party, and I’d love to hear about any parties you have planned in the coming months and how I can make it extra-exciting.

If you know anyone in the Portland area who might be interested in lessons or performances, please pass it along to them. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do. Happy weekend!

* Blowing Smoke About Spinning Fire would make a good autobiography title. Or a band.


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