You don’t need to be a veteran to experience CEC-PTSD

I also found this in the Goodwill bins. I’m guessing that a few of my readers laugh to see this– you laugh because you went to Chuck E. Cheese’s when you were 8 and you assume it’s just as much fun as it looks like in their commercials. There’s a portion of my readers who cry when they see this. They cry because we traded our high school weekends (and sanity, and hearing) to Mr. Cheese for a few paychecks and the pleasure of terrifying the occasional toddler*. So here is the least-good Goody Bag ever.

I’ve found that news stories are pretty not-goody lately either. Broadcast news is frustrating, so one day I turned to print. On the front page of the Business section I read the following headlines:

Net Worth of Americans Takes a Hit

In Bad Days, Build for Better Ones

Lumber Industry Has Worst Year on Record

Well, it’s still better than the comics page.

I have been suspiciously absent from my computer and blog for the last several days. I thought my tasks would get a little more in order once the Trip the Dark Fantastic show was finished, but things only seem to be getting crazier. Good news: I’m finishing paperwork to be a substitute teacher. Good news: I’m going to show my cards to a local shop owner who supports local artists. Good news: I made a starter dough and have been eating delicious fresh bread constantly. Good news: I am performing poi with Jess C this weekend for someone’s Dad’s birthday.

I will have a lot more to say (and show) about these things soon. Pictures, video, stories— these will all happen. Just not right now.

What do you mean, NOT right now?

Well the pictures aren’t edited, the video isn’t loaded, and the stories… are still developing. Gentle readers, stop looking at me with indignant shock like my cat does. I haven’t forgotten you, nor will I ignore you. And if you behave, maybe I’ll get your favorite toy down off the top of the fridge.

Thanks for reading, as always. I hope you like the pictures.

*We used those paychecks for drugs anyway.


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