Cheers to the Multi-talented Johnston Women

You know why creative-types like myself like to hang at cafes? Because their coffees are prettier than mine, and to an artist that kind of thing makes it more delicious. It would be prettier if I didn’t use my cell phone camera, but that’s what I had. No, it’s not the best picture I’ve ever taken with my phone.

This one’s close though.

Gotta give it to my cat for being cute, frightening, and judgmental all in one frame. Now that I think about it, today I saw a bumper sticker with the same attributes. It read, “Pray for me, I’m married to a Norwegian.” Damn, good thing I got myself a German!

Fabulous news– the Illumination Fundraiser lamp is finished.

No seriously, it is! The enamel varnish coats dried outside just before the rain clouds rolled in. The varnish had a really nice effect on the painted parts, the sheen helps highlight depth. Appropriately enough, the varnish brightened up the lamp base.

The lampshade fits so well with this lamp it’s almost puzzling how it’s taken this long for them to come together. It was meant to be. It’s been completely transformed.

When I delivered it back to the event coordinator I was able to see most of the other lamps. Having seen them all before the artists chose lamps, I can tell you that there were many transformations, and there’s a huge variety in the art lamps being offered at the Lion’s fundraiser.

In fact, you can peruse them yourself  on their website. Although the auction itself doesn’t happen until Oct 9, you can still make bids! It’s worth looking at them all, because there’s clearly been a lot of work and talent that has gone into this event.

It is dedicated to three of my loved ones, and it’s named after an art quilt my mom made– not just any quilt, I refer to Aurora in particular because it just won First Place in the Northwest Quilting Expo. Although Aurora isn’t listed in her Etsy shop (yet) you can still see her other work or talk to her about commission work too.

I’m thrilled to tell you that I’m performing this weekend with Trip The Dark Fantastic as the killer opening act for Pancake Breakfast’s new album. Saturday at 9:00 at the Doug Fir Lounge. Read their calendar and check out their food here. Consider getting your ticket in advance– it’s only $5!


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