Perhaps the yellow ones taste like bananas

I think this detail shot is representative of many of the details on this lamp I’ve upcycled for the Illumination Fundraiser next month. The surface of the lamp has a sunburst shape in relief-sculpture. I added colors to these shapes and tried to amplify them with highlights and shadows, using the color scheme of the printed lampshade. Last week I got to see the other lamps finished by artists, and they’re all FAR improved from when they started. A woman took a lathe to a couple of pieces of rich colored wood and formed elegant lamp bases. There are a few painted lampshades, from landscapes to seascapes (seriously, one is made for people like me who like aquariums but don’t want to tend to fish).

I have one more pair of pictures for my on-going segment of Wild Cat, Mild Cat– highlighting the differences between my “cat” and the big kitties of the wild.

Wild, weird, they have some of the same letters.

Like this one. Her name is Dot, and she’s one of the residents at the Wildcat Haven, the recipient of funds raised by the Sherwood Art and Wine Festival. I wanted my booth fee to go directly to her, perhaps to supply peanut butter– I assume by this picture it is her favorite food, though labor-intensive.

Then there is my cat, Matilda. That is my hand she’s biting, in order to bite the brush I was using on her. She has a love/hate relationship with the brush. And the dog. And her toys. And her rug (no joke, she wrestles it and snuggles it and then pulls threads out of the rug and eats them. She prefers the yellow threads). *

I am now accepting students of all experience levels for Polynesian Poi Dance lessons at The Dancer’s Studio in Tigard. Please check out my class list and rates, as well as the fabulous Belly Dance classes offered by Sheelah. I promise, this is a $@#!-load of fun.

You can see me rock some spinning moves later this month when I perform with Trip The Dark Fantastic to open for a CD release party. The women who’ve put together this show have worked so hard and I’m excited to be performing with them.

Thanks again for checking in on me and passing this along to your friends and my family. Enjoy your week, it’s already half over!

*I am not exaggerating. This is demonstrated fact.


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