A is for Apple and Adorable

Here is my most recently listed item in my Etsy shop. Fresh off the sewing machine and ready to be dusted with flour. It’s “upcycled,” a certain cafe’s green apron combined with a vintage half-apron. Plus, yesterday’s coffee cozies are listed here now.

Last night I went out to catch a show and I’ve found one more thing about Portland that I am infatuated with. Boy Meets Drum Machine is the newest addition to my music. He puts on a great show too– one very talented guy who sings, plays sax, plays keyboard, and uses all the tools of a deejay. Luckily for all my Idahomies, he’s playing in Boise next month.

Concerts are another time that I re-appreciate my height. I was standing behind a short (average?) girl and I don’t know how she saw anything at all. She couldn’t have. I checked by squatting and peering over her shoulder and the stage mysteriously disappeared– but she was smiling and that was one more tip-off that she was on a first date.

Now available for purchase!!

So really the show for me wasn’t just the rockin’ tunes, that was just the soundtrack to an adorably awkward one act play. He was a little too animated about the show, she was dressed up with a pink headband, and they were never closer than 14 inches apart. They were also too interested in each others’ stories about doing taxes– you’ll talk about anything at all on a first date.

She was just a little short, and he was just a little tall, which made them look a more than comical. As I thought more about it, I realized she was just the right height that she could rest her head on his chest– and that only looked comical to me because I have no idea what that’s like.

Except for this ONE time

I am thrilled to tell you that I now offer Poi classes in an honest-to-goodness dance studio.  So now is the perfect time to make good on every time you told me you want to try poi. 😉 This is also the perfect opportunity to get in on Belly Dance classes.

I hope your weekend is going well, thanks for reading!


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