These are a few of my strangest things

I would like to introduce you to the mythic wonder known as the mocha-colored-octopus. Moctopus, you might say. He is cute, alert, and ready to defend your morning brew to his death (note the gun barrel pointed at his eye).

Ok it’s not a Moctopus, they’re not real (if they were, I would have one; and I wouldn’t share it). This is a photo of some new merchandise you will find in my Etsy shop. I’ve recently begun adding some clothing and accessories to my inventory of art prints and cards.

I’m completing the last steps in my Illumination lamp. Here is a sneak peek to prove it.  I never thought the lamp would end up looking how I’ve made it—but I guess that’s the fun, right? It’s not just “mixed media,” either– it’s… vintage upcycled art.

Short post today, I know– but I’ve got a lot of things for my to-do list that WILL be checked off today. Oh, they WILL be. So I leave you with this:

For the days my shaggy friends can’t get me around to trim them, here’s the place to go!


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