Idaho girl has to know how to cook up potatoes, the bobble-pets agree

How was your Labor Day Weekend? I know lots of people who hightailed it out of town for the holiday– be it mountain climbing, trips to Washington, trips to California, and tripping to Nevada for Burning Man– but I quite enjoyed myself staying right here. Great weather, a quiet house, and a kitchen waiting for me to demolish it with cooking utensils and paint brushes.

We didn’t get around to making burgers, but I made fries that need not be a side dish. I double fried them (once to cook the inside, once to crisp the outside) which might be the single best thing you can do for perfect fries. As for seasoning, I took pink rock salt and fresh basil and crushed it all up with ye olde mortar and pestle. The resulting green salt looks pretty neat, and it tastes pretty much amazing.

I have dutifully been continuing work on the desk lamp I’m art-ifying for the Illumination Fundraiser. I’ve never painted on ceramic nor on a curved and sculpted surface, so it’s been an adventure.

So here is a sneak-peak of the lamp (perhaps I should name it now that’s it’s art) of what I’ve been doing. A lot of detail work and fine lines that have been difficult because there’s so little space I can rest my hand without smudging paint. Yesterday in my attempts to support my arm without smudging anything I ended up getting green paint in my armpit.

I leave you today with this assortment of bobbleheads that I saw at the store recently. Can you believe they’re all on sale?! I can’t decide between Skeptical Cat in the middle, the What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen Dog on the left, or the cat on the right I’ll just call Yum-Yum.


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