Death by dysentery

Mmmmm this is how my mornings start. That shot glass on the right was a gift from friends years ago. Until a few months ago, it actually said Katie’s Bar, and had a little drawing of something alcoholic. The red ink is clearly more resilient than the black. It’s ok, the point is the same. It’s mine.

The sun has gone south for the Winter. It was a nice summer once we finally got it. This morning I had Orange Spice tea, since it’s so autumn-y and also caffeinated. When I turned the knob on our stove, half a dozen sparks flew out from underneath it! I tried the other burners, then realized the entire stove and oven had gone dead. I exploded my stove in the most underwhelming way. Orange Spice tea is not so great when it’s cold.

This week I’m offering a special Etsy deal on this piece:

I’m offering a free gift with purchase of this print. Just put in the message “I love your __(adj)__ blog!!) Fill in your favorite adjective.

I had a great time last Sunday at the Woodstock Art Collective Fair. The weather did hold on long enough that it was really comfortable in the shade. I met a lot of friendly vendors with beautiful work. Such as Tim, whose work you can see at There was Angel, you can see here jewelry at; there was a strange fellow making unique art out of copper wires (the description does not demonstrate the skill) and I’ll get his website soon.


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