It’s really for the best that Vanna White was not a cat.

Also shown here: laziest art assistant ever

As you can see, I’ve been huffing White Out again. Wait, I mean… As you can see, I’ve begun the next step in my rejuvenation of Ugly Lamp (using non-toxic paint, don’t worry). I’m getting a little ambitious– if you check out the other artists participating in the Illumination Fundraiser, you’ll see that I’m in good company.  Time to get covered in paint smudges. Me, not the lamp— the lamp needs to be beautiful and artistic and worth a whole lot of money to someone who wants to help people in need of sight and hearing. There are several people dear to me who have struggled to have healthy eyesight and hearing, and I’m so proud to be part of an event that helps them.

And if you want to help people in need of money and encouragement, there will be Portland artists and crafters in the Woodstock area this Sunday. You can buy ETSY-worthy work without paying shipping! At least I hope you get out this weekend just because summer’s coming to a close and we should hold on to it as tightly as possible (at least, let’s keep it from raining in SE Portland on Sunday). Bring a chair and hang with me a while! I’ll try not to drop any glass grenades this weekend like that last weekend in Sherwood.

Wild Cat

Thanks again to those of you who made it out to Sherwood this month for the Art and Wine Festival. It was great to see support for Wildcat Haven non just from fair-goers but from the vendors whose booth fees went straight to the kitties. Sadly I did not get to see any of the cats, and now that I think of it I didn’t even have wine! It was far too hot for that anyway.

I have a few Wild Cat/Mild Cat pictures still, I hope you’ll indulge me.  Today my Mild Cat is graciously showing off a lovely quilt my mom made. You might argue with me and say she’s merely sitting on it– but for cats, sitting on is the same as showing off.

What's that you say? You want it back now? Don't be silly.

You can see this quilt and many other beautiful pieces in my mom’s ETSY store. And as long as you’re on ETSY, check out my recent listings and the shops of my fellow arts and crafters like K8bit, Mythopoeias, and for something different, JesseLindsay.

Thanks for reading and browsing!


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