This owl knows something we don’t

How cute is that? You can see more pictures of it in my ETSY shop. I finished a few small projects in the last several days. My family has been visiting, you may know that my mom is an exceedingly talented quilter and she brought a few of her pieces. I couldn’t stare at all that beautiful stitching without having a little inspiration, so I busted out my Janome. You’ll see the fruits of this labor on etsy soon. I even have a dress in the works (gasp!!).

I'd like you to note the homeless guy sleeping on our couch in the background

I have made some progress with my lamp project for the upcoming Illumination Fundraiser for the Lions. I’ve cleaned off the weird wood stain as best as possible, and I finally have the lampshade I’ve been hunting for. Yesterday I went to 5 different shops looking for a solo lampshade that had more character than the one that came with this lamp– and naturally I had to bring the lamp base so I could try them on. So while other people were walking their dogs and strolling their babies along Mississippi Ave and downtown PDX, I carried an awkwardly large mustard-colored lamp and tried to pretend this was normal. Yesterday in Salem, Emily bestowed upon me the lampshade that I (and this lamp) have been waiting for. CUE THE BUTTERFLIES!!!!

In other Art Event news, I’d like to invite you all to come play with me in SE Portland next Sunday! Benefit #1: it’s waaay closer than Sherwood. Benefit #2: It’s so Portland– a new market springing up in the Woodstock area of SE, near Reed College. For those of you unfamiliar with the area, let’s just say that Woodstock is the perfect name for this enclave of DIY artists/crafters/hippies/musicians/general free spirits. I’m hoping they like smart-ass art. Benefit #3: I will trade art for coffee and food. Benefit #4: helping support your local starving artists– even if it’s just moral support.

Thanks for checking in with me today, I know I haven’t been on a regular schedule for blog entries. But let me tell you now, I’ve got a few projects in the works as well as some new opportunities and events that I’ll be thrilled to tell you about, soon. Good stuff is happening.


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