The sun was so hot and bright I got a tan sitting in the shade

Ta dah! See, I wasn’t playing around, I really did have a booth at the Sherwood Art and Wine festival. “Booth” may actually be too lofty a word for this. As you can see here, much of my merch is on the ground. There’s a small fold-out Costco table…. and though I won’t show you here, I will admit that I brought my ironing board. I threw a sarong over it and tried to take myself seriously.

Adriana from Seconds to Go was kind enough to lend me her canopy for my space. I simply would have evaporated if not for her. Saturday was stupidly hot. In the early hours of the market before the height of the afternoon sun I met some very nice people, both merchants and festival visitors.

I was thrilled for my first sale– a friendly couple had a good laugh over my Idaho Travel Poster (shown here with Alaska) so they bought an 8×10 print to give to their friend in Boise. That’s exactly where it belongs! I was also really touched that a young girl spent her very own money to buy a print of the Paris Collage.

The most excitement that happened in my booth was of course, entirely by accident. I was adjusting my “tables” so that my pieces weren’t baking and melting in the direct sun, and I only dropped one thing in the move. That vase there that says Take My Card, the one full of rocks and marbles. That’s what took a dive and quite simply EXPLODED. I was impressed enough that pieces got flung behind the prints that I had sitting on the ground… and then I got to collect handfuls of them from the booths on either side of me, across the aisle from me, down the sidewalk. I totally re-did my display so that I could sweep it all out and clean up, and I’m not joking when I say I picked up another 10 or so the next day.

wild cat

Sunday I was chatting with some of the vendors and I got very warm sympathy from several of the vendors because they all believed I’d lost merchandise. A lot of it. No no, it was just a vase full of projectiles… nothing I put heart and soul into.

Really?? Because it sounded like your whole booth exploded!!” Well yeah, it kinda did. The obvious jokes didn’t start until after that conversation. I have to give credit to the woman in the booth opposite me. She wasn’t there Saturday when I dropped the grenade; she picked up bits of conversation, and then picked up something near her booth. She couldn’t have been been set up better, and she couldn’t have been more earnest.

“Here I think this is yours, I heard you lost your marbles.”

mild (and unamused) cat

Many sincere thanks to my friends who made it out in the heat to Downtown Sherwood to support their favorite local artists and all those other people who had crap next to me. No, really, there were some classy people there with high quality hand made goods. Now I have a little time until the next event (The Illumination Fundraiser) so I expect to have pictures and stories for you more regularly. Thanks for hanging on in my absence, I hope your week is going well!


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  1. Brittany said,

    October 25, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    Is it just me or is your cat just generally pissed off at the world? 😀 I’ve seen a lot of cute cat pictures in my life, and it seems like this kitty is determined not to have ANY! I think it’s cool, frankly. Makes me think she has quite the personality!

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