No no Kitty, that’s MY wine

What’s the moon phase today? What’s in the water? The streets are chaos!

Portland drivers aren’t that bad, and to their credit they’re also really polite. But I just ran an errand out to I’ve Been Framed–my favorite place for cheap art supplies– and I spent the drive there and back driving in fear. Something’s wrong today on the streets of Portland. Watch out.

Idahomies: you’ll get this. It’s like driving on a road full of 2C drivers.

I can only briefly check in today as I have a lot of preparation to do for the Sherwood Wine and Art Festival! I have new prints and more cards, and it will be grand. That’s how I got distracted from yesterday’s installment of Wild Cat, Mild Cat.

Today’s ETSY blog-special is an original painting on canvas board. Free shipping for my blog readers on “Aww Kitty Kitty.”

The blog has been heavy on the cats lately, I know. So here’s one for the dog lovers.

Maty Dammit Sit for the Picture!!

Thanks for reading! Come see me at the Sherwood Art and Wine Festival!!


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