Here kitty kitty, who’s a big kitty?

The garden has a been a little underrepresented lately on this blog. Let me introduce you to a stalk of gladiolas. Like the peonies earlier this summer, the gladiolas are falling over from their own weight. I did a little reading and learned that gladiolas are classified by size into miniature, small, medium, large, or giant. Guess which one we have. I know the perspective is difficult in this picture… let me say that from the bottom of the bottle to the top of those buds is about a foot and a half. I love big flowers.

I also love art, wine, and big cats. Lucky for me, we’re less than two weeks away from the…..

I would go to this event even if I hadn’t secured myself some booth space to sell my wares. Which I have. I will totally be there. With art, cards, crafts, a sunburn, and a half empty glass of wine (if all goes according to plan).

In honor of this event, I’m starting a small blog series in which I will compare a regal snow leopard or mysterious lynx with a certain fuzzy animal that runs around my own house. For now let’s call it

Wild Cat, Mild Cat.

The best part of this picture is that she was a kitten then. Such an unflattering picture for a kitten.

Also, I just completed a re-stocking of my ETSY store. Plenty of prints, even matted or framed, cards, and original paintings, like this one.

Thanks for checking on my blog again! Pass it along to others if you like it!


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