The Hip Happened, or, Amassing a Mass of Katies

Independent artists and merchants descended upon a block of SE Portland yesterday, I’m happy to say I was one of them. This two story lodge was full of products from creative and talented Portlanders.

I’m happy to say I made friends with a lot of those Portlanders yesterday. If you’re visiting my blog after picking up my card at the fair, Thank you!! I’ll be loading merchandise to ETSY in the coming days, if the Hip Hap was how you found me then let me know and I’ll include a free hip gift with your order.

The organizers of the event made sure to place the booths so that no one would be sitting next to someone with similar merchandise. Or so they said. We concluded they grouped us a different way. The first seller I met was to my left, selling beautiful agate pieces in necklaces, bracelets, buckles, and ADORABLE little Chinese-food-style boxes. Her name is Katie– here is a link to her shop.

The seller to my right has an array of accessories that may be the cutest things ever based on Nintendo. All my nerdy girls get ready, take a breath before you check out her work because you may squeak a little. I want to introduce you to Katie, here’s something you should all feel free to buy for me.

We Three Katies staked our claim on that aisle. Then I introduced myself to the seller behind me who was crocheting and drinking coffee from a jar.  Her table was covered with crocheted toys and watercolor earrings…. and her name is Katy, so we made her part of the club too. She is approximately as cute as this item from her shop.

There was a seller at the fair whose work I could look at all day. Frankly, I did. Her booth was across the aisle from me, and she educated me on ACEOs, art that is perfect for people like me who would collect art if we weren’t so busy trying to sell our own. Think of collecting baseball cards, but for art lovers. I can’t get across in words the detail, care, talent, and pleasure that is evident in her art, so here’s an example. Her name is K—- Karen. Damn, so close.

Thanks again to the fair-goers and to the sellers who made it such a nice afternoon. I hope you’ll check out their ETSY shops, and I hope to run across them at another market sometime.

The cat has been demanding attention lately. So here, *you* give it to her.


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  1. Brittany said,

    October 25, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    I am so impressed that you have really made a go of your art, Katie. There are so many talented people out there who just assume you have to “know the right people” or they underestimate their talent and never get out there to share it with people who would really enjoy it. You have guts, my friend, and I mean that in the positive, uplifting way–not the way that makes you imagine your liver, kidneys, and intestines laying out on a table. You’re welcome for that image.

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