If you’re turning on the light, make sure it doesn’t shine on something ugly.

This is my newest art acquisition. Quite a step up from your average canvas, I think. I picked this up  to be my contribution to the Lion’s  Illumination Fundraiser to benefit people in need of hearing and sight care. They provide lamps to local artists, who art-ify the pieces and they are auctioned off, Saturday October 9.

I am so glad that I got up and braved the morning freeways because I got to be the first artist to choose from their collection.  So of course I chose the largest, and most interesting one (the only that didn’t come from Ikea). Shannon said that the Lion who brought in this lamp would be happy to hear that it was the first one picked. Apparently it’s got a long history of hanging with the Lions. I estimate at this point, could be 50 years. Also I prefer to envision these men as actual lions. Lions with lamps!

I didn’t get a proper “Before” picture because I was so excited to get started.  By the time I took the above picture, Josh had removed and disassembled the lamp shade. I figured I’d give the lamp a cursory wipe-down before I took a picture— but my damp wash cloth quickly removed and disassembled the hideous wood stain crap that someone painted all over this thing. It was a surprise, a happy one– the ceramic has a beautiful texture and shine.  The lamp still screams 1955, but it’s 18 times better than it was when I awkwardly positioned it in the car.

I have several sets of birthday/thank you/misc gift cards of the fanciest kind for sale at Seconds to Go, I believe I introduced you to that shop not long ago (get out there and tell her you’re one of my people, you should get 10% off). Both my Paris Collage and Mt. Hood Collage are there right now, and just outside the window is one set up for the Boise-Eliot Markets. Food booths, hand made clothes and cards, musical performances, and if you’re lucky you’ll see this guy selling fractal coloring books.

I almost bought one for my favorite little guy’s 2nd birthday. But I already had the perfect gift for a book-lovin’ boy who has just discovered the funniest thing in the universe. He’d fit right in with my mad-lib boys at Goodtime Chinese Center whose favorite word to yell is “poooooooop!!”

I wish I had a palm-leaf hat like little man on the right.

I’ve held on to that copy of Everyone Poops for a long time waiting for the right kid to give it to. I look forward to some afternoon where I can have him read it to me. I made a point of inscribing  “This is all true” on the inside cover.

P.S. I left a detail out of my Fred Meyer story in the previous post. The guy was using the Courtesy Desk phone to call someone who stole his phone. Who was holding it for ransom.



  1. Darbie said,

    August 4, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    Atom loves his pooooop book, auntie Katie! We’ve already read it like 50 bajillion times….seriously, like once an hour!

    Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

  2. Brittany said,

    October 25, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    There’s a book called “Everyone Poops”?!?! How can I get my hands on such a thing??? I’m pretty sure I could entertain all 9 of my nephews for days, if not weeks, with a book that sounds like it has so much potential.

  3. Brittany said,

    October 25, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    P.S. – That lamp really does look cool. It would look great in a sort of “eclectic” room setting, and would probably look fantastic in a number of other places. I’m no interior designer, so I don’t have the words for the other fantastic places it would fit. But I’m sure there are many! 😀

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