Katie Pippel has a symmetry to her colorful combination of acrylic painting & collage which create a lovely artistic style. And, I believe she has a fond love of java.

I’m starting this off with a very very cute picture, in hopes it will distract you from how long I’ve been away from blog-land. I know my absence troubled you, but rest assured that I’ve been busy doing good things. September 1 is the deadline for 2 art shows I want to participate in so I had to put together my submissions on CD and doing the cover letter and resume and everything. Just like a grown-up. I applied to two jobs and I’m hoping for the best, not just because I need some paychecks but also because the positions are ones that actually make me excited. Both are in the area of providing art activities for youth.

Three cheers for rubies and tungsten carbide.

Many many thanks for all the Happy Anniversary wishes. We went to a little Italian place by NE 23 (oh so hip!) named Sal’s Famous Italian Kitchen. Very classy, lots of wine, really enticing cocktails and food like crab and asparagus risotto with parmesan.

I prettied myself up with a dress I got from Margi, the necklace I wore at our wedding (Jonely heirloom), earrings from Elyse and Matt’s wedding,  an agate ring (Duzenack heirloom), my wedding flip-flops, an anklet from Karen, and a shawl I got from Holly.  What can I say, it takes a village to dress a Katie.

This rose is the least impressive part of our yard. That's right, there's a rose there. All of 9 inches tall.

I went shopping the other day and had another Portland Moment. I have more interactions with strangers in Portland than in Boise or Salem combined. Like Sylvester who I had a 20 minute conversation that ranged from where’s the nearest food all the way to the injustice of American Veterans ending up homeless. Or Samantha who gave me her entire health history and detailed list of medications (though I don’t recall what medication gave her hairs on the side of her chin).  This moment I had in Fred Meyer was a little the opposite– I did not interact with this guy, but I got a glimpse of his life and I totally want to know what happened before and after he grabbed the red phone at the Customer Service counter, where he did not use his “inside voice.”

“Steve. I am at Fred Meyer right now. I am going to wait here for 20 minutes and if you are not here with my phone in 20 minutes, I am going to call the cops and tell them how you stole it and it is ridiculous for you to hold it for ransom. 20. Minutes.”

Tomorrow I’ll be doing another morning at Goodtime with the smartypants kids who filled in the mad lib story from earlier. I’ll have two groups, we’ll see how the two versions differ.

Last for today, I’d like to say I’ve gotten in on an art event occurring in October. It’s called the Illumination Fundraiser — benefiting those needing treatment for vision or hearing loss.  Local artists get to art-ify lamps and the purchases benefit their group. Here’s the list of artists, I’m #17, and I like the blurb she wrote about me. She to me pretty summed up.


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  1. Brittany said,

    October 25, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    Man, I wish I had a reason to use the P.A. phones for something like that! I think I’m just going to come up with a good story, use one in one of the lesser-watched areas of Wal-Mart and make my own announcement. I have a mad craving to start it by saying “Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers…” and then say something that has NOTHING to do with them. 😀

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