Feeding your cravings for art and affordable clothes

Doesn’t that look nice there? I’m happy to say I’ve been working with the owner of a new clothing consignment store by the name of Seconds to Go. I mentioned this place a month or so ago, when the store was in The Vault. She’s moved to another one of those big old houses that’s turned to commercial space, so the rooms have nice accents (above is a tiled fireplace) and it’s very comfortable.

This is the first business that has not only let me display and sell my art, but allowed me to put out a display with my greeting cards. I’m thankful for that– they’ve already drawn some attention.

The space next to the above brown and sky blue house is the site of the Boise-Eliot Market for local artists, crafters, food vendors, and local produce. Tuesdays and Saturdays! A couple blocks from a cafe I’d love to show in, by the name of Cha Cha Cha! I left my card.

So that’s what’s going on with my art merchandise. I’ll have new things on ETSY soon. In the meantime, think lucky thoughts for me while I sift through Craig’s List for shows, cafes, purchases, and jobs. I’ll go out to Seconds to Go with anyone who’s interested. Happy Friday!


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