Julia Childs I am not. But I’m no Stevie, either

I made some cinnamon rolls yesterday. “Rolls” might be a little too strong a word… “blobs” is better.

I realized a little too late that I was short almost a cup of flour. BUT, for the first time ever there are several flour alternatives in our kitchen. Josh is eating gluten-free, so I took some of his brown rice flour. I knew it wouldn’t be the same, I wasn’t even sure it would work at all. That 3/4 cup of rice flour almost totally negated the gluten in the 2 and 1/2 cups of regular flour…. it resulted in the weirdest dough I have ever worked with.

Normally for me, the hardest part of making the cinnamon rolls is rolling the dough flat. It’s stretchy dough, but it snaps right back to 2/3 of the size you want it, no matter how thin you roll it. It’s aggravating. Like trying to put shoes on a toddler, and he wiggles and laughs at you and kicks off the first shoe when you grab the second. If the regular dough is that toddler, yesterday’s dough is a ragdoll cat. The rolling pin was unnecessary, the “dough” went anywhere I mushed it, then seemed to sigh and relax and ooze into position.

I was actually laughing when I was trying to “roll” it up. It was like marshmallow foam, but not sticky. Gotta give the rice flour credit for that.

The resulting rolls are amorphous but tasty. Cake-y instead of bread-y.

The Stevie I refer to is a semi-regular contestant on Food Network Challenge. Her creations are always… amazing. In the worst sense of the word. You can see a perfect example of her work here. It’s hard to describe her in words. I saw her on another Challenge this week and her swamp made of food leaked it’s water all over the floor during judging.

Maybe I made weird cinnamon rolls this week, but I didn’t light them on fire or put a cow tongue on top.

Since my cinna-blobs aren’t so pretty, I wanted to share these with you:

These were the cupcakes that Darbie arranged from a caterer for my bridal shower last year. They’re edged with white sprinkles and were delicious. They’re the fine work of Jacob, whose work you can check out at http://JacobsKitchen.wordpress.com

I promise that I did not just pull this picture off of Food Network’s site. These cupcakes were hand made by my friend Michelle. So, heads up to all my Boise Ida-homies, I have your hookup for all your occasions that deserve desserts so nice you almost hesitate to eat them. Almost.

Thanks for checking in! And thanks to everyone for the happy anniversary messages!



  1. Darbie said,

    July 20, 2010 at 7:45 pm

    That would be my dear friend Jacob over at http://jacobskitchen.wordpress.com/
    He is also regularly featured on several sites, including:
    Check him out on FB as well 🙂

  2. Brittany said,

    July 23, 2010 at 4:30 am

    Holy moly! Two comments: 1. I have never seen Stevie on Food Network Challenge. I need to watch more of those, because that train wreck was entertaining! Has she ever succeeded, therefore warranting her return, or do you think they keep her on because she’s so terrible? 2. “Ida-homies” is officially my new favorite word. Whenever anyone at work asks what we call people from Idaho, that’s what I’m going to say. Thanks for, once again, making my day, Katie!

    • Katie Pippel said,

      July 24, 2010 at 1:37 am

      No, she has never succeeded. It’s half about the w-t-f-itude of her “style” and half about her interaction with Kerry Vincent (whose attitude is as prim and controlled as her hair). The best episodes are when Stevie competes, by far. Then it’s not about artfully crafted sugar sculptures– it’s about the tug-and-pull of angsty 16 year old daughter vs mom, how the competitors talk about her, and how you can count on 20 minutes of complete bafflement.
      Brittany, I’m so glad you read this (or more importantly, that you enjoy it).

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