Wakey wakey, eggs and happy bakey

That's some of Dave's Killer Bread getting killer grill marks

We can’t all start the day off right with a healthy breakfast, but we can all look at yummy food and pretend we had a healthy breakfast. I do this sort of thing all the time with Food Network. After I watch Alton Brown make marshmallows  from scratch, I claim a sense of accomplishment by pretending I was the one hitting the button on the KitchenAid. Do you know how hard it is to make marshmallows from scratch? I group it with other dishes I may not be ambitious enough to try. Souffles. Crown roasts. Marshmallows.

I love Bob Ross and all... but not THAT MUCH

Come to think of it, this vicarious sense of accomplishment goes waaaay back, to my earliest lessons in art. I never could get over Bob Ross painting an entire landscape in the span of one tv show, that’s just silly.  I watched the silliness every weekend.

I will admit that I belong to the Facebook group “Bob Ross, Stop Being Dead and Paint Me A Happy Tree!” As much as I admire him, I could never get his face tattooed on me, anywhere.  So here is proof that someone loves Bob a truckload more than I do.

I will say that this tattoo, just like his art, looks almost too real. I think they underplayed his beard in this one… and chose instead to overplay his cheekbones. They should have spent that time to make a squirrel for his shoulder.

Last week I made my first trip to the Oregon Zoo. Disgusting, right? Lived in Portland a year and Salem for 7 before that and not gone to the Oregon Zoo? I mentioned this earlier as the location for the Carolina Chocolate Drops show I attended with Mimi and Rob— so I actually did not see animal exhibits, just those rad little boys who danced around us. I’ll go back, don’t worry. I should go soon so I can see the rest of their dinosaurs.

Yeah, the Oregon Zoo is so cool it has dinosaurs! So does OMSI, actually. I wasn’t totally sold on the dinosaur exhibit until I saw this little boy directing t-rex at his mom. I hope she packed up all his things and put it all on the curb, what kind of kid does that?

Robotic remote controlled dinosaurs, you say? RAAARRRR say I.

I have been under-representing art on my blog lately. This does not mean I haven’t been busy. I have been commissioned to create thank you cards for Bobby and Lacy’s wedding. Bobby was the guy who kept me from face-planting during Elyse and Matthew’s wedding. So Lacy, you got a good one. I’ll be mailing these to you soon.

If you or someone you know is getting married, having a baby, having an anniversary, a birthday, a divorce, whatever– please tell them you know where they can get unique, fun, and hand made cards and announcements.  Or if you know a few kids who want to dance I guess I’m your girl, too.

I hope your Monday is as happy as Monday gets. 🙂


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