I need sunglasses, lemonade, and sun screen. STAT.

It’s hot here. How hot is it, you say?

Here’s a picture of my morning tea and some things in my kitchen bay window.

The plants are doing just fine– it’s the candle that gave up and answered the call of gravity. In fairness, we’ve all been looking droopy on account of the heat.

I’m happy to say that the hydrangea I planted last year is blooming and twice as big as when I planted it, so I guess it’s happy here.

Thanks again to Stumptown for sustaining my coffee addiction, thereby benefiting the hydrangea because it gets all my coffee grounds. For that beautiful blue color.

When I first moved to Oregon, my dad asked me frequently if my toes had become webbed yet from all the rain and water. I’m happy to say my toes are all individuals– but I will admit that yesterday I was as Oregon as I ever have been. I went to an outdoor concert at the Oregon Zoo, with my orange bag from Thailand, my purple wrap skirt from Nepal, Birkenstocks, and a shirt I got for free. The only way I could get more Portlandy is if I went by bike or if I had armpit hair.

The Carolina Chocolate Drops were performing and they put on a great show. Best banjo I’ve ever heard, I can say that. Plus a version of Hit ‘Em Up Style that totally beats Blu Cantrell any day. The sun was in my eyes so I spent a lot of the time watching kids dance. My favorites were a pair of brothers, 3 or 4 years old, who ran back and forth past our quilt most of the show. One had a RUN DMC shirt, the other’s shirt had our president wearing sunglasses, under which it read Party Like A Barack Star.

It’s nearly Friday! I hope your week has gone well. Here’s a picture of the tallest roses at our house– this picture was taken at my eye level, if that gives you a scale for their staggering height.


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