There are hundreds of hybrid and designer varieties of roses, why haven’t they learned to grow ’em without thorns?

Good morning, Happy Monday. Look at what’s blooming now in my yard!

There are several rose plants in one corner of our yard, and they are just now starting to bud and blossom. A couple of them are very fragrant, one of them has petals the size of that enormous artichoke we cooked a while back.

Maty of course has no respect for plants that come between him and his tennis ball. Nor for the plants Josh and I gave homes to yesterday. Several vegetables of different kinds, which you will undoubtedly see on this blog when the veggies undoubtedly got nuts.

You know what the peppers and carrots and stuff will be good with? Kebabs. Until those plants do their thing and keep us fed, we’re perfecting the meat part of kebab by utilizing that sweet sweet grill/griddle appliance I received for my birthday.

I marinated the chicken a little with olive oil, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and some other stuff.  The marinade was not the key to this meal. On the left are some slices of leeks. We’d never had them before. I don’t thing they’re notable for anything other than their delightful grill marks.

Are you ready for a breakthrough in the culinary arts of Cafe Le Pip? We may not need to search further than our first try to make delicious meat on kebabs.

Nuts to those over sized toothpicks and even the nice metal ones with a convenient handle.


I know, I just blew your mind.

I stripped most of the needles off the twigs because it’s almost impossible to skewer anything with them on. I thought that this would result in a mild taste of rosemary but it was shockingly delicious, moist, delicious, herbed… I just can’t recommend this strategy enough. You might notice a pair of tongs sneaking in to that picture. It was such a feat of willpower to withstand the smells and sounds of the grill long enough for it to fully cook.

The 4th of July is approaching, which requires some BBQ of sorts. Just imagine what we’ll make for that. Thanks for reading, I hope you are doing well.


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