I think I can get you to smile, and I think I can get you to laugh

This is a summer of love for several of my friends, so today’s post is all art and wedding. Exhibit A, part of a page I made for Elyse and Matthew’s wedding guest book/scrapbook. I stumbled a little in my toast at their wedding because my notes didn’t have page numbers and my ankle was swelling. To make up for this, I printed out my toast, in the order it should have come, with pretty colors and stamps.

This weekend was the wedding of Keena and Matty (there are a lot of Matts in my life, just go with me). I wish that I could show you pictures from the day taken by yours truly, but there was just no way I could travel to Texas right now. It’s the middle of summer time! I hate sweating!! No, really, I’m very sad I couldn’t be there.

Keena and Matty bought my Queen of Hearts painting last year:

She Will, She Will Rock You

I was thrilled that they loved this painting, and upon reflection I knew the perfect person to have the original is Keena. She’s got the punky attitude and long dark hair and knows how to rock it– there was a time we kicked it in a rock band, so I know these things.

It seemed only fitting to make a painting to go with it. So the Queen of Hearts has a King of Diamonds, featuring Matty’s curls, aviators, and taste for beer.

So I’d like to say Congratulations and Thanks to the people in my life whose love has inspired me.

And for everyone else just checking in during your Monday morning, Matilda says hi.



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