Some art and some dog, because I love art and we all love dog

Melina got me those espresso mugs and they're as cute as she is.

Well I have been busy lately. I finished a set of beautiful Thank You cards, I weeded the strawberry patch, I got a gig teaching a group poi lesson every week. I promise pictures from class.

I’m especially happy that I finished a piece I’ve been intending to do for… quite a while now. I finally completed it so I can cross it off my “painting projects” list. Here is a peek:

I wrote a little the other day about seeing the author of Regretsy speaking at Powell’s, and I was happy to see that she wrote about her trip here. Though I don’t wish to encourage you to visit ETSY shops other than my own, I will say there are some real gems for sale out there. Like stickers you put on your dog so you don’t have to look at their bum hole. No joke. Well, I guess there are lots of jokes to be made there, but I’ll let you fill that in.

Since this post is a little short on text today, so I leave you with a picture worth a thousand words:

or at least, saying "awww" 1,000 times


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