Thanks for the canoes, delicious food, and killing all the big spiders

tee hee hee

I may have admitted to you before that I grew up in Idaho. These “sea shells” you speak of are still very exciting to me. I did a little scavenging on the rocks, I did a little falling over too. That was the role I unwittingly adopted for the wedding– the bridesmaid with vertigo.

Good news: I have gotten a gig teaching a beginning Poi class once a week. I’m very excited to meet everyone I’m teaching. I’ll try to get some pictures from the first class and share them with you.

This picture doesn’t have much to do with anything, but I’m trying to put a cute picture up for my Dad, since he checks my blog 4 or 5 times a day.

You’ll never find him Boise if you ask around for “Roger,” but somebody in most of the restaurants will know who you’re talking about if you ask for “Moose,” and they’ll always smile and ask how you know him. He’s loved in town, and I don’t think it’s just because he delivered the beer to countless restaurants. There were many times when we would go out as a family and run into people who know my Dad, and many times they would shake everyone’s hands and say “Mrs. Moose, nice to meet you,” “Hi Lil’ Moose,” to my brother… and the best anyone could do for me was “Moose-ette.” Charming, really.

So, Happy Father's Day, Mr. Moose

I have two brilliant resources in cooking. If I don’t mess up the recipes drastically, I can’t go wrong with my Dad’s recipes, my Dad-in-law’s recipes (perfected by his mother). I’ve never had a bad meal in the presence of Tony. I’m extremely fortunate to have both of these men as father figures.

Happy Father's Day, Tony


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