Maybe I should start making stranger kinds of arts and crafts

I made this little piece this weekend. It’s about 5×7 inches, a small frame with glass panel showcasing this hand-stamped design on quality paper. It’s perfect for when your gratitude for someone is more than the worth of a greeting card, but you can’t afford to send them flowers.

Here’s where it gets crazy– I’m not listing this in my ETSY store (gasp!). In the spirit of the gratitude I have for my readers, I’m only selling this on my blog. $6, free shipping.  First come, first served (unless you want a bidding war, which would be way more exciting).

The sum total of time I have known about a blog called Regretsy can still be measured in hours. It is to ETSY what CakeWrecks is to Ace of Cakes, or what a Tijuana “Mackey Mouse” is to the the real Mickster himself. Here is an example of one such jewel of ridiculousness she recently featured for appropriate ridicule.

Jess and Andrew alerted me to the existence of this blog (and the brand new book!) as it is a combination of two of my favorite things– ETSY and WTF-itude.We went to every reader’s favorite place, Powell’s on Burnside. The author, April Winchell, is hilarious and I’m really glad I got to see her on her book tour– if for nothing else but to see the ludicrous earring/Bob Marley/necklace ensemble that she found while doing research for her blog.

There was something else I was glad I got to see, and that’s the display in the room where they bring authors for signings and book tours. Portlanders, I instruct you to go to Powell’s, third floor, and peruse the 120 letters that angry women wrote to Andy Kaufman. Someone was smart enough to hold on to the hate mail he received for a stunt he included in televised performances, where he would incite the audience with an over-exaggerated (WWE style) persona demanding in demeaning and chauvinistic terms to wrestle a woman. A few women had their feelings hurt by this.

Some started out politely enough: “To Whom it May Concern,” to “Andy Kaufman, I Hate Your Guts!” (which is also the name of the show and the book to go with it). One of my favorites: So come on the Great Andy Kaufman fight me. I promise you it will be the last time you ever DARE fight a women!

I was very intrigued and very scared by a woman whose letter began with how she is a warrior ninja, then she demanded to fight him, then she said I was even a mean baby, and included an angry baby picture to prove it.

Pictures were really of just a few varieties: head shots, bikini shots (with bodybuilders), school photos, wedding photos, and then what we’ll call “wildcard” and “suggestive.” There was one from a 13 year old girl.  One letter was composed into a stanza (he offered extra points for writing in verse) that is probably the angriest 4 lines I’ve seen in a long time. Her picture covered up the beginning, but it ended with I took lessons from / ATILLA THE HUN!

How was your weekend? Good? Good.


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