From Student to Graduate, Fiance to Partner, Pizza to Burp

The Yachats Bubble Man

When I was in 5th grade we did a project where we wrote, illustrated, and constructed a book with our very own story. I wrote a nice story about a family of bubbles. The point is to say I’ve always been entertained by soap bubbles (though that storybook would probably have featured dogs if I could draw any recognizable dog). The Yachats Bubble Man visits this bluff weekly, and has done so for years, with a couple jugs of soap and an elegantly simple tool  that caught the coastal breeze and bloomed into bubbles the size of beach balls, appropriately enough. His visit that week happened to be as the sun was setting during Elyse and Matthew’s wedding reception. Everyone had already received little bottles of bridal bubbles, appropriately enough.


Then I spun around for another celebration. Some students I worked with last year (I may have mentioned them before) have graduated, after facing challenges I didn’t even imagine when I was in high school. Here are 2, the other 2 disappeared into the mass of families on the block of High Street that had been blocked off from traffic in advance. I learned so much from these students, from Spanish curse words all the way to how to cheat at Uno (it’s easiest if you have a wheelchair).

I would like to applaud again the staff of Roberts High School. I hope the bags under your eyes have shrunk since when I saw you at graduation. Get some sleep, people, it’s not like you work that hard.

Luis y su bebe

Know what else has been happening? Food, of course! Josh and Shane cooked up this pizza that was exactly as delicious as it looks. Josh also made a Caesar salad that could kick Brutus’ ass. Last night I made lasagne with Italian sausage (the kind with mozzarella inside!) but the pictures are fuzzy because I didn’t wait long enough for the steam to subside before I got my face all up in it.

I have art in the works as well, but nothing picture worthy just yet. I’ll have a sneak peek for you soon. I hope your week is going well, and thanks again for checking in with me.


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