I fell out of the interweb, but I climbed back in

I’ve been distanced from my computer and blog duties by more pressing projects related to a wedding of a certain longtime friend of mine. I spent a few days on the Oregon Coast, and I can tell you last weekend in Yachats, love was in the air instead of the usual ocean mist and wind.

I got to be a part of the wedding of two people very dear to me, in a place dear to them, and with people who are all dears. (thank you, yes I majored in English)

And of course one of the most beautiful sights:

I was so happy to be there and to be part of such a special day. It was a perfect weekend to be at the coast, ask any of my readers who were in attendance and they’ll agree. By the way, those of you who were there and mentioned my blog, thank you especially. The couple is on their honeymoon but they are not the only ones enjoying sunshine and beautiful weather. I worked a little in the garden today, and then dutifully back to creating work for ETSY and for the shows I’m applying for.

I’ll get back in the habit of writing if you’ll get back in the habit of reading– deal? Excellent. Pass the news (and the link) along to your friends.


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