I’m an apprentice of “Wendal Zurkowitz, Slave to the Waffle Light”

There’s a Far Side comic that became a joke in my family. This is the biggest size picture of it I could find:

I have fond memories of many weekend mornings when my dad made big stacks of waffles from his perpetual bowl of sourdough. My dad dutifully watched the waffle maker while we ate one sourdough waffle after another. We may have had this comic on the fridge, I’m not sure. Then last night I found myself hovering over my waffle iron, which alerts you with a green light and a beep. There’s no way the timer could go off and no one would tend to it…. but I still stood there, fork and everything.

I may have mentioned a few additions to our kitchen that arrived somewhere around my birthday, conveniently. One addition is a Belgian Waffle iron. I cannot duplicate my dad’s sourdough waffles (yet) but I’ve made a couple good batches experimenting with other flavors.

Last night it was blueberry waffles.

If you can tear your eyes away from that blueberry-muffin interior, there’s whipped cream and honest-to-goodness maple syrup. We’re just shameless, I know. That shadow in the foreground is me, zooming in for the kill.

I know this is a sloppy picture. I had already started eating it and I could only put my fork down long enough to get one picture.

I inhaled this. Chocolate swirled waffles? Are you joking? I accidentally ate half of Joshy’s waffle because it was sitting next to mine. Subliminally it was because his was bigger than mine.

I hope your Memorial Day weekend was fun and stressless. Clearly, I spent my weekend eating. I’ll try to have another post or two for you this week, but don’t hold your breath— my best friend is getting married, so I’m a bit caught up with those tasks. Rest assured there will be pictures.


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  1. October 29, 2010 at 7:53 am

    I stumbled on to your post looking for this cartoon… one of my favorite Far Sides ever. Glad it was so memorable for someone else!

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