Where were you the night of May 31st, 2009?

One year ago I was working in a high school and witnessing the stress and drama of high school graduation from the side of the teachers. I was as keyed up as the students.

Today I asked my cat, “Do you know what you were doing this time last year? BECAUSE I SURE DON’T!”

Matilda escaped from our apartment last year– the story of her adventure (still my most-viewed blog post, by far) can be found here.

Here is her opinion of the outside world now that she has experienced it.

pbththth I'll stick with my duck.

My arts and crafts energy has been temporarily diverted from ETSY and such so that I can handle some pretty little tasks for an event this weekend.

For example, I glued together these little bows. 63 of them, actually. This arrangement made me think of butterfly specimens. I leave you now with a pretty little design and the hope that you have a good day to kick of the month of June.


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