A collage a little closer to home

I finished this piece just in time to take it to display at the Tin Shed in May. Rob hadn’t even seen it, which surprises me because I kind of want to show it to everyone. Right now it’s hanging above the television so I can properly stare at it in between episodes of Iron Chef and Ninja Warrior*. I did include this in a picture of the show in May; my Dad was kind enough to mention the little boy at the table, evidently hiding from the overwhelming prettiness.

Here is a proper picture of my collage of Mt. Hood.

I got a great circular canvas at one of my favorite art supply stores, I’ve Been Framed. Mimi found a screaming deal of glass tiles and I amassed a big pile of paint samples, and this is is what happened when I scrambled all of that together. Like the Paris Collage I’ve sealed this in acrylic resin, which gives it a glassy effect and really helped incorporate the glass tile “frame.”

These smell like a candy store.

The flowers around our house are busting out in complete spite of the rain and rain and the rest of the rain. I grew up with some roses, some dinky little California poppies, and a couple lonely tulips. I have concluded that irises are spectacular flowers, peonies are attention whores, and flowering shrubs kick the asses of all those prickly shrubs we had in the lawn when I was growing up.

Among the reasons I’m peeved with the rainy weather is that it’s pissing on my flowers. It may sound rude to call peonies attention whores, but let’s be fair. I’m totally enabling that. There are several vases of peonies around the house right now, to save them from the rain and so that I can hyperventilate smelling them.

The peonies are falling over from their sheer weight and heavy rain.

There’s some new things in my ETSY store, please check them out. I will be loading a couple things for cat and dog lovers soon.

Happy Friday!

*I would love to see a battle between Iron Chef and Ninja Warrior. Or for someone to name their band that.


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