Rain outside means art time inside

Good news, everyone! I don’t have to do arts and crafts on the floor anymore! This will drastically reduce the amount of pet hair glued or taped into my gift cards. Recently, our neighborhood had a mass garage sale, I happily camped in our driveway and met some neighbors. I was focused on selling off some shoes and books and trinketry, I very nearly didn’t go see the other sales. I maybe wouldn’t have, until Mimi and Shane came running around the corner all excited over a wood table and chairs our neighbor up the street was selling.

Expandable dining table! Mat knows there will be food below it some day

You can’t see them, but 4 matching wood chairs came with this table. My friends and family carried this piece by piece from a house a little up the hill, ant-style. The best part of this was the whole set was only $25. At the moment there’s scrap paper and rubber stamp paraphernalia covering all the space where you see flowers in this picture. Baby pink peonies, orange azaleas, dark pink peonies, and lavender rhododendrons… and that’s not half of what’s in our yard.

You can never get a cup of tea large enough....

My back is very very appreciative of how I’m sitting in chairs now, at an appropriately leveled, sturdy table that has never seen the inside of an IKEA box. I’ve started 3 canvases since we got this table (gasp!) and here today is a very very early sneak peek, showcased here with our household Vanna White (a little camera shy today, I guess). The three canvases are going to be a set– I imagine you can guess the theme.

I picked up my art from the Tin Shed yesterday and ran into a friend from college. He’s been working at the cafe, and despite the many times I’ve been there in the last month and a half (and the months since I moved here) I’d never been there during his shift. Dammit, Kurt, we could have been drinking beers for months! You could have been eating feasts at our house!

I did get a couple small notes in my Comments for the Artist book that I strategically left next to the coffee bar. I’d like to share with you my favorites:

This is not about my art– but I approve of the person who put art in my comment book, and I doubly approve of the sentiment.

Thanks as always for reading! Cross your fingers for me, I’m going to the Clackamas outdoor market today (apparently the rain is joining me) and I applied for an art-related job. Hopefully I’ll have good news about both of these things.


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