Food so good you’ll break out in rhyme

Food is happy to be eaten

No surprises here, we’ve been cooking this weekend. Here is a bowl of partially-made Cowboy Caviar. This not-quite-salsa-not-quite-dip was brought into my life by Jeannine and I have been spreading the culinary gospel ever since. Tomatoes, black beans, corn, garbanzos, garlic, onion, avocado, pinto beans, green peppers, and cilantro. Don’t even bother if you don’t have the cilantro.

I always seem to underestimate how much this recipe yields– I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s like 10 cans of beans and veggies– but that is always for the best. It makes enough for your standard bbq size group–though I will confess to you, readers, that I do not always wait for a social event to mix this up. I will eat this on chips, in burritos. on toast, in quesadillas, on burgers, in omelettes, off a shovel if it was my only option.

I will eat it in a box, I will eat it with a fox… I will eat it with my cat, I will eat it ’til I’m fat. I will eat it here or there, I will eat this everywhere!…. Pardon my distraction.

The sun didn’t last through the weekend, so we enjoyed our cowboy-caviar-covered fresh tortilla chips inside. Inside, and sitting next to Shane’s hamburgers, Joshy’s baked beans, Rob’s macaroni and cheese, and a big box of Dead Guy Ale.

In unrelated business, I would like to share with you the three bumper stickers that have made me very happy lately. I am very sad that I didn’t know this sticker existed until long after moving to Oregon.

The second, well, I can’t find a picture of it. Sad, because as political stickers go, it’s really quite pleasant and tame.

“I have great affection for Joe Biden.”


Lastly, this MADE MY DAY.

I have long suspected this.

It’s really important that I tell you, I saw this on a minivan!

I hope your weekend is going well, thanks for checking my blog. I’ve got an art preview for you next, plus some more food adventures.


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